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Lethal Rage“Shots fired! Shots fired!”
The frantic cry goes over the police radio on a rainy night in downtown Toronto. A man, black and unarmed, has been gunned down by a white officer, setting the residents of Regent Park against the cops of 51 Division. Tensions rise as each side of the simmering conflict refuses to back down, and soon threats are shedding blood.
In the midst of this war zone, Jack Warren, the Reaper, is caught defending the shooter, his partner Jenny Alton. Jack must balance his loyalty to his partner against the grief of a family, the ambition of a reporter who skews the facts for her own personal gain, the growing rage of a vengeful street gang, and Jenny’s own doubts about the shooting. And hidden behind the headlines, fanning the chaos, encouraging the violence, is a mysterious figure with links to both community and police.
If Jack can’t uncover the truth and stop the madman hell bent on plunging the division into utter carnage, it is only a matter of time before the streets run red with the blood of the innocent and the damned alike.

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