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Lethal RageLethal Rage follows the journey of Jack Warren, a young Toronto police officer, as he enters the dangerous streets of downtown’s 51 Division. Accustomed to the white-bread policing of his previous division, Jack is staggered when he first arrives at his new job. No TV show or movie prepared him for the reality of 51, where the officers wade through the filth of humanity on a daily – hourly – basis.

Warren is immediately thrown into a war between the cops of 51 and a new crack cocaine dealer intent on taking over the downtown drug trade. No one is safe from the dealer’s quest for domination and soon the war becomes horrifically personal for Jack.

Working with the boss of the division’s elite Major Crime Unit, Jack learns there is an imperceptible yet enormous difference between the law and justice, and being a police officer and surviving as a 51 street cop.

Praise for Lethal Rage

“Pilkey, a 20-year veteran of the Toronto Police Department, writes with a sure hand; he gets the details right (the book feels gritty and real), but he also does a nice job of creating characters that transcend cop-show stereotypes . . . this novel bodes well for a strong cop series in the Wambaugh and Ed McBain tradition.” — Booklist

“Pilkey is a lively writer who manages over 230-plus pages to build a vivid sense of cop culture.” — Toronto Sun

“This debut by veteran Toronto police officer Brent Pilkey is loaded with insider info and a cop's-eye view of the city...devotees of urban cop tales will eat this up.” — Globe and Mail

“Pilkey, a veteran of Division 51, writes with authority in this first of a planned trilogy. His characters ring true, and the gritty side of Toronto shows. For lovers of hard-boiled police procedurals.” — Library Journal

“[M]ystery fiction with such edgy realism that you pause occasionally to check which side of the fiction fence you're on . . . Lethal Rage is raw, tender and explosive. Read it and then go shake the hand of the first police officer you meet.” — Hamilton Spectator

“Canadian policeman Pilkey writes from firsthand experience in his gritty procedural debut.” — Publishers Weekly

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