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Lethal RageTransferred to 53 Division — known as the “Sleepy Hollow of Toronto” — after the murder of his partner, officer Jack Warren yearns to return to 51 Division, where his former colleagues are busy pursuing a criminal mastermind.

Randall Kayne has been committing violent, bloody crimes that are hitting close to home in 51 Division, yet he manages to stay just one step ahead of the police. Although Jack’s wife wants him to leave the force entirely, an old enemy soon drags him into the Kayne case against his will, forcing a confrontation with Kayne that only one of them can survive.

Masterfully entering into the hearts and minds of the cops of 51 Division, the second book in this exciting series propels Jack Warren deeper into the dangers of underground Toronto.

Praise for Savage Rage

“[A] masterful piece about street crime and the psyche of the men and women who work for the Toronto Police Department, Savage Rage offers up a skillful portrait. . . . Mr. Pilkey is quite adept at writing about police procedures and daily goings-on in that environment, creating highly believable characters with interesting personal lives in the process. Readers who are fascinated with the realities of the inner workings of a police division will greatly enjoy Savage Rage.” — New York Journal of Books

“[I]f you like your crime fiction to feel authentic, tightly wound and bursting with action, then Savage Rage is a must read.” — Hamilton Spectator

“Pilkey’s extensive knowledge of police and policing makes this series a winner.”
Globe and Mail

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